Mid Valley Foods

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Mid Valley Foods is an award-winning wholesale food distribution company based in a 25,000 square foot facility in Oakdale, California. We provide custom-tailored food distribution solutions to clients and retailers throughout Central California and beyond, backed up by a long history of industry leading customer service.

Mid Valley Foods' client list includes major grocery stores, restaurants, delicatessens and a variety of other retail businesses that rely on our fantastic customer service, exceptional products and flexible delivery. Our corporate mission is to be a leader in wholesale food distribution serving the Central Valley, and to be the standard by which the industry is measured.

Some of the many food products we deliver to clients include:

  • Fresh and Frozen Beef
  • Fresh and Frozen Pork
  • Fresh and Frozen Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Smoked Products
  • Deli Items
  • Cheese and Sour Cream

View a full list of our products, explore our resources page or find out more about Mid Valley Foods' exceptional customer service and industry-leading food distribution services.